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Chippa Drag’s

Chippa Drag’s

Posted by Adelio Admin on

Those long awaited rumours emerged today! As the light of day broke over the eastern tip of Australia the news broke that Chippa has gone Soft!

The press was quick to jump to conclusions, but a deeper insights show that the wizard we all know as Christopher ‘Chippa’ Wilson, Has joined forces
with friends down south to launch their own line of soft crafts.

The guys at Drag had to say this via Stab –

The kind of rhetoric to put the fear of God into the savviest fibreglass warrior. Their leader turned Drag disciple casting the glass aside to DRAG out his days in the soft eternity of Caba backbeach, where the sun shineth on the gently rolling crest, the specimens gather beachside in number and the tins flow all the way through the carpark.

Head through to Stab to watch the full 3 minute soft board goodness on a chicken drumstick here



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