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Look up “Coby Perkovich” on Google and the first two results are “Who the hell is Coby Perkovich and how is he so good?” followed by “Who the fuck is Coby Perkovich?”. It’s a funny thing that perfectly encapsulates his rapid rise as one of the most talented surfers in Australia. He agrees that “everything that’s happened has happened over the last two years.” Prior to his first ‘major deal’ with Lost, Coby spent three years riding for bike and kitesurfing brand Ion. Although he’s had his eyes set on making it as a professional freesurfer for as long as he can remember, he’s also taken a keen interest in shaping. “You’re in control of everything” and that’s not limited to the boards for Coby. He surprised me as a real businessman, often speaking about the importance of a good marketing strategy and branding.
 Coby Perkovich 
Coby and Ian Tyley linking up on the central coast 
 Coby Adelio
Summer rain 
Adelio Coby Perkovick
a NZ sihlo erect 
beached as bru Adelio Coby
Tucked away bay on NZ
dark and stormy new zealand
Coby Perkovich in Adelio Wetsuits 

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